Mobility Innovation Campus Rotterdam

‘As the world becomes more connected organisations will create and capture less and less value in traditional ways. Partnering in new age of ecosystems will be critical for those who aspire to become the outperformers of the next decade and beyond. New economic equation will favour those who embrace collaboration and partnering.’

“If the rate of change on the outside, exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near”

Jack Welsch, voormalig CEO General Electric

The mobility revolution

In 2030, 56% of total revenues in the mobility industry comes from new, disruptive innovations. The new business models, production methods, service models and distribution require new sets of skills and know-how.

The Ecosystem

Mobility Innovation Campus Rotterdam is an open ecosystem, where leading corporates, startups, investors, educational organizations, and the public audience collaborate to accelerate the mobility revolution of land, sea, and air.

Production halls
Piloting & testing
Vehicle licensing
R&D Center
Event spaces
Recreational areas
Experience Center


“The spatial translation of a business ecosystem are commonly dubbed campuses, valleys, and districts. The campus, as the workplace of the future, facilitates cooperation and joint innovation between and within parties. “

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Current programs

Due to the pandemic, there are no current programs.

Current programs

Due to the pandemic, there are no current programs.

Core team

Ohad Gilad

Founding Partner Head of Real Estate

Antti Rantanen

Founding Partner Project Lead

Tristan van Doorn

Founding Partner Head of Business Development